We welcome you in the "Dobermannkennel from Gladiator"

We are member of the following Clubs:


In 1996 we got our first Dobermann "Percy vom Birkenhof" (Nickname Rex). Since we had packed the passion, it was not long before it came the bitch "Vandy van't Zomerhof".
Sorry Vandy died young in a tragic accident.

We discovered the dog sport and learned a lot about training and breeding of dogs. Since I had caught the fever for the dog sport and not for Rex the dog sport was suitable, we bought a second targeted males from a power connection "Baron vom schwarzen Engel". With Baron I put the IPO 3, FH1 and breeding soundness examination in the Dobermann Club from.
After the death of Rex "Diva vom Excalibur" was followed by the I also took off IPO 3, FH1 breeding soundness examination and, for dogs only sport alone is not meant to be. The idea to breed even came up and we requested in 2006 our current Dobermannkennel from Gladiator (VDH/DV e.V.).
But first, after a visit to a grading of the DMC, the Malinois conquered my heart.
The work of these dogs fascinated me and after much jostling with my husband I got my 2005 Mali bitch "Corvette von Addis Brink". A ride I took the Corvette from IPO 3 and filled her with all the necessary requirements relevant to breeding with their breed. "Malinoiszwinger vom Drachenreiter" (VDH/BSB e.V.)
2007 completed "Xtra vom Eschenbruch" our current pack, which is to be the successor of our Diva in the breed.
We breed with two races on the VDH and meet all requirements, which should provide a good breeder.
We try to provide optimal living conditions for our animals.
Our dogs are fully integrated into our daily routine and live in the house and garden.

Our breeding goal is to breed healthy dogs with absolute dedication, courage and confidence that are in the family friendly, peaceful and love children behave.

Our puppies are raised with much care and expertise in house and garden.
Of course, the puppies are up to submit dewormed and vaccinated.

We appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy browsing through our world!